Who We Are
When a loved one is diagnosed with a serious and sometimes life threatening disease we often feel lost, alone, confused, and exhausted. Participating in a support group would be a great help in this time of need. Talking with people who are having similar experiences would help us to not feel alone, feel supported, and have a better understanding of the disease. This would in turn help us better cope with the fears and unknowns.

Searching on the Internet for a support group can be a time consuming, frustrating, and confusing. We know- we have lost a loved one to cancer and found it very difficult to find help. Knowing this is a need for many, we are developing a web site with listings of cancer support groups nation wide. Our desire is to make it easy for you to find what you need during this heart wrenching time.

Each support group listed will have a phone number, or email address, location address, , days the group meets, the times the group meets and most will have a contact name. Included in the data base are groups that meet on an ongoing basis, so you can join anytime and are for free.

If you do not find a support group under a specific type of cancer, then search under the general cancer support groups.

Thank you!

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